Take an action before the roof replacement turns into your only option

Let me share with you a little story. It could happen to you and you would do well to take heed. When you notice things are not right do something about it. Don’t leave it, hoping the problem will go away. It invariably won’t and things will more than likely get worse, causing far greater expense than if you had tackled the problem when you first noticed it.

The above applies to many things in life, many of us have a tendency to bury our heads in the sand and hope that a problem will go away. The situation I am talking about involved the roof on my holiday home. I bought a holiday home to get away from it all and enjoy some downtime away from the daily grind and to enjoy the sunshine. I only ever went there when the sun was shining and the maintenance of the property was always far from my thoughts.

I’m regretting it now because now I have to employ the services of a roof repair company to fix a problem that has slowly been getting worse over the years of neglect. I didn’t think about the rain when I was sat on the porch soaking up the rays. But now I wish I had opened my eyes a bit more and looked at what was around me.

Broken roof tilesIt started with a couple of shingles that had lifted up. It didn’t look too bad or so I thought and hey, I’ll get it it sorted next time I come to stay. I went to my holiday home several more times after that and each time the same thought went through my head. It still doesn’t look too bad so I’ll leave it a bit longer. Oh silly me. I didn’t think about the rain storms that occur when I’m not there. Its always sunny when I’m there so why would I?

Little did I realise the problem was slowing getting worse. I didn’t take the opportunity to take a closer look and go up into the roof space and see the damage that was going on underneath the surface. Boy do I wish I had. Over the months and eventually years, water was leaking in and causing further damage to the internal structure of the roof. What could have been sorted out with very little expense, is now going to cost far more.

I contacted Roman Roofing Inc on (602) 628-8905 and they very kindly offered to come out right away and take a look. They were very sympathetic to my situation and offered to fix it for me before the damage became unrepairable and replacement would have been necessary. I felt really stupid for not tackling the problem earlier and now use this company for regular maintenance work.